A Florida Studio Theatre Summer

Summer has arrived and FST is shifting gears. It seems like only yesterday when Sarasota Summers slowed to a lazy tropical pace, and the neighborhood dog would sleep in the street. All of the theatres would close, as the snowbirds flew north and the locals went fishing. Well, the locals may still go fishing, but the dog is definitely out of the street, and FST’s … Continue reading A Florida Studio Theatre Summer

New Plays Matter

New plays matter because they speak to the contemporary consciousness. FST has been developing and producing new plays since the mid-’70s when Jon Spelman founded the theatre. Our New Play Development Program was ‘formalized’ in the mid-’80s. FST has produced over 100 new plays that have gone on to productions throughout the United States. We do it because new plays matter. • New plays matter … Continue reading New Plays Matter

Five Theatres: A Case for Diversity

I am often asked, “what in the world prompted you to build five theatres!?!” My answer is simple: I did not set out to build five theatres. It just happened. And here is how it happened, and why. We started the ‘resident operation’ in 1980. Before that, FST was a touring theatre for six years. When we produced that first resident season our goal was … Continue reading Five Theatres: A Case for Diversity

Common Ground and the Search for the Truth

“Welcome O life! I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race.” -James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Florida Studio Theatre is committed to creating the uncreated conscience of the race. We are a theatre that is brave enough to be guileless, … Continue reading Common Ground and the Search for the Truth

FST Presents 28th Annual Spelman Award

Named in honor of FST Founding Artistic Director, John Spelman, the Spelman Award is an annual award presented to an individual or corporate sponsor who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership by providing FST with spiritual, financial, and/or in-kind support. On February 26, 2018 at Shakespeare’s Shindig, FST was proud to present the 28th Annual Spelman Award to Mr. Arnold Simonsen in recognition of his generous $1 … Continue reading FST Presents 28th Annual Spelman Award

The Richard and Betty Burdick Reading Series

by Alex Hill Every year, FST presents The Richard and Betty Burdick New Play Reading Series, an endowed workshopping experience in which three new plays receive readings every May. Since its beginning in 1996, the series has gone on to help numerous shows reach the stage, including this season’s How to Use a Knife and Honor Killing. During the series, actors, playwrights, and audience members … Continue reading The Richard and Betty Burdick Reading Series

Planned Giving Matters

by Amanda Moths and Melody Mora-Shihadeh Muriel O’Neil was not just an avid fan of Florida Studio Theatre productions. She was also a great friend of the theatre. In addition to many years of attending shows at FST, her dedication and selfless hours of volunteer work further demonstrated her passion and appreciation for the art of theatre. Muriel sadly passed away in 2013. But thanks … Continue reading Planned Giving Matters

Young Playwrights Festival

by Caroline Kaiser The WRITE A PLAY program is one of the pillars of Florida Studio Theatre’s Education program. This spring, the program, now in its 26th year, will culminate in the Young Playwright’s Festival on May 19. Beginning each fall, WRITE A PLAY kicks off with a children’s play performed by FST’s acting apprentices. FST Playmakers then bring theatre to the students, teaching the … Continue reading Young Playwrights Festival

A Nod to the Past, An Eye Towards the Future

by Amanda Moths and Becca Jennings On February 26th, FST will celebrate rebirth and revival at Shakespeare’s Shindig: A Modern Day Renaissance. Inspired by an iconic period of artistic and cultural transformation, this year’s annual fundraiser celebrates some of FST’s own exciting transformations with a nod to one of the most influential artists of the English Renaissance, William Shakespeare. American theatre itself is experiencing a … Continue reading A Nod to the Past, An Eye Towards the Future

Rebecca Hopkins: Celebrating 20 Years at FST

by Nicole Clayton It’s hard to put into words the passion and appreciation required to work for and serve an organization for twenty years. Luckily, the work often speaks for itself. After spending the beginning of her career in Atlanta, Austin, and Clearwater, Rebecca came to FST in 1998. Hopkins says, “I really only expected to be at FST for a season or two. I … Continue reading Rebecca Hopkins: Celebrating 20 Years at FST